Naga Babu Shocking Comments On RGV In Khaidi 150 Pre Release Function

Naga Babu Shocking Comments On RGV is creating more hype among the audience and fans. This is being talked of the town from the past two days and everyone is intensely waiting to listen to the words spoken by Naga Babu on Ram Gopal Varma. Earlier, the director RGV tweeted the reviews of both the high standards films Khaidi 150 and GPSK. In the twitter, he praised Balakrishna 100th movie and degraded Chiru’s upcoming flick.

On 8th of January, the Khaidi No 150 arranged the pre release function for which lakhs of fans and audience have taken their bright participation. This event was carried away in Guntur at Haailand grounds and it is fully filled with the people. They all enjoyed the function very much with full of excitement and launched the official trailer of the movie also.

Mega hero Naga Babu’s turn had come to speak about the film, then he blessed his brother and also expressed his happiness to see his brother re-entry in Tollywood after several years of gap. Naga Babu Shocking Comments On RGV is highly making a buzz on social media. He fired on film director indirectly who dishonored Megastar Chiranjeevi.

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Actor Naga Babu Shocking Comments On RGV Ram Gopal Varma

In the pre release function, everybody in the team had opened about their views on the 150th Movie of Megastar Chiranjeevi. All the fans are shouting and they are having vessels on them. The directional venture of this comeback movie was handled by V.V Vinayak and produced by Ram Charan in his own banner Konidela production house.

Naga Babu Comments On Ram Gopal Varma shocked everyone and they stunned by listening to his words indirectly towards the director. But all the fans have understood that RGV is the person who is commenting Chiru’s film from many days. Nagababu Vs RGV Controversy at Khaidi No 150 pre-release function has become the hot topic in the film industry and everyone is very excited about it.

Naga Babu Shocking Comments On RGV

The director Ram Gopal Varma lashes out at Chiranjeevi’s brother Nagababu and he apologized for his words to him and he presented all these messages on twitter. When Naga Babu fires on Ram Gopal Varma and Yendamuri Veerendranath in the event then all their fans surprised.

Naga Babu Vs Ram Gopal Varma

The actor in the Telugu film Naga Babu Blasts RGV for Abusing Chiru in pre release function of Chiru’s 150th movie Khaidi 150. He indirectly addressed murkudu, a person who does not have proper sense is commenting on the poster of his brother’s film which is making others feel bad. Earlier, RGV had criticized the poster of Chiranjeevi in Khaidi No 150 that made everyone in the unit feel very sad.

In the Tollywood film industry, Naga Babu Vs Ram Gopal Varma news is making halchal on youtube and it is virally circulated in the entire social and web media website platforms. All the fans are searching for the information why the director is behaving like this on their favorite star. Recently, Chiranjeevi opens up about the Naga Babu-RGV controversy to the media and this is creating hype among the fans.

Nagababu said that he is a director, born in Telugu cinema industry and for the purpose of living he went to Mumbai. Naga Babu Angry Speech on Ram Gopal Varma has shocked all the members in the function and his countering words made them realized. The next days RGV reacts on Naga Babu Comments and slated his opinion in twitter. His films are going down right now so he warned him to set the good track first then point out in the other’s matters. Finally he agrees on the mistake done by RGV upon the mega brothers and stated sorry to Mega family on twitter.

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Nagababu Comments On Ram Gopal Varma