Sita On the Road Telugu Movie Teaser Released Watch Now

Sita On the Road Telugu Movie Teaser Released Watch Now. This is a lady oriented movie with the different concept which was written by Praneeth Yaron. However, they are busy in shooting the pre production works so between this gap, the team members launched the Sita On the Road Telugu Movie Teaser. Now this is getting the superb response from the audience as this can also be watched by the people directly from this page.

The film makers released the Sita on the Road Movie First Official teaser which is now uploaded to the team on youtube. It is creating more buzz and getting more no of views in a fraction of seconds. In this movie, all the new actors gave their entry and wanted to see their performance in it. Sita on the Road Movie Story was written and directed by Praneeth Yaron and jointly produced by Pranoop Jawahar and Priyanka Tati.

Sita On the Road Telugu Movie Teaser Out

Sita On the Road Telugu Movie TeaserThis is a special movie with a different storyline which explains about the five girls who will suffer from many problems in the society. Sita On the Road Movie Shooting was successfully going on in Karnataka and Goa states. Here in the movie, the director had chosen the concept of a road trip on which all the girls will be finding their freedom. In our Telugu film industry, our directors will always come up with various taglines and concept to introduce the audience.

Recently, the movie makers asked Lakshmi Manchu for revealing the first look of the film and she made this from twitter. She expressed a good luck for this team. Sita On the Road Telugu Movie Teaser Out and this is getting a wonderful response among the audience. In the previous year, they have started this project and now they came to the final stage post production work.

Sita On the Road Telugu Movie Details

All the new film actors are part of this film, as the main story will be revolving around the five women who will have their trip on the road. The whole film will be showing the roads only as the girls will search for their happiness and freedom to be free from their worries. Sita On the Road Telugu movie details will be provided clearly so check it thoroughly on the website. The main concept of the film is to show the problems facing by each woman in the society and they struggle for getting independence from all those things.

Raj anantha has done the film choreography and Suresh Kumar Kasu Kurthi takes the editing part. It features Gayatri, Kalpika, Nesa, Uma, and Khatera in the crucial roles of the film. Entire sound track for all the songs was tuned by Praneeth Yaron. A few days later, they will release the Sita on the Road movie Theatrical trailer, then according to the response movie makers can expect something about the movie.