Venkatesh Guru Movie Theatrical Trailer Watch Latest Live Updates

Daggubati Venkatesh Guru Movie Theatrical Trailer Watch Upcoming Film Latest Live Updates. In the direction of Sudha Kongara Prasad Victory Venky is coming back with the latest movie which exists with the title of Guru. In the last month we have seen the first look and the official and original Teaser which was excellent and by watching this few of the members have understood that the picture will be good. Huge no of fans are quietly interested in knowing about the Venkatesh Guru Movie Theatrical Trailer which is going to reveal in the audience function. As his earlier movie was Babu Bangaram which was a feel good movie and entertained all the audience and his fans. The movie makers received the good hit for this film and the Box Office Collections was satisfied them. In his career, he comes across lot of movies which are hit and flop at the box office. So to bring the new film Guru in the success movies list he worked hard and his new looks appears to be kick boxing coach. Actually the Venkatesh New Movie Guru is a remake of “Irudhi Suttru” which is a Tamil movie and this film got good craze after releasing the picture. The female leading role is given to Ritika Singh, who is screened mostly in Tamil Films and this if the first movie of her in Telugu. Venkatesh New Movie Guru Latest Live Updates shall be notified currently in the website hence the members have to visit the page then examine the exact information. She is eagerly waiting for the audience response for her acting in the movie and that will be announced only after releasing the picture.

Venkatesh Guru Movie Theatrical Trailer

In Tollywood latest news regarding Venkatesh Next Movie Guru is creating a sensational talk about the original trailer which is released by the production team. After seeing this trailer video everyone was having the intention to know the full story and that will be updated only after initial release of the picture. Probably, it is expected that this movie will come to sets in the next year as he is busy other shooting. Venkatesh Guru Movie Theatrical Trailer is now available to download the full video to know the stills and images related to the picture. The starring for this film is Daggubati Venkatesh and Ritika Singh which is the first time to share the screen so there are high level expectations about this picture. Still the shooting is running in different locations for attracting the audience so finally this will appear on the silver screens in 2017. The dates were not declared yet by the director and producer that mean, the shooting will take lots of time. First in the language of Tamil this was directed and it is having the movie name as Irudhi Suttru. Later, it dubbed in Hindi with the title Saala Khadoos as R. Madhavan in the leading role. Details regarding the Venkatesh New Movie Guru Latest Live Updates might be observed clearly in our website so the members can refer all the links concerned to the same topic.

Venkatesh New Movie Guru Latest Live Updates

Venkatesh Guru Movie Theatrical Trailer

Sudha Kongara Prasad has directed this movie and he confirmed to release the movie at the time of Sankranti 2017. Since this is the dubbing Tamil film which is fixed with the appropriate title as Irudhi Sutturu and this was released on 29th January 2016. Then after, in the language of Telugu and Hindi they have remade it which possesses the different titles. Venkatesh Ritika Singh New Movie Guru is coming to hit all the theatres in the upcoming year and this is the greatest news for all his fans. S. Sashikanth has produced the movie in both the scripts and it was released under Y NOT Studios and UTV Motion Pictures. In the year 2015 Drushyam was reached the success boundary and even this film is also the remake of Malayalam movie Drishyam which is starring with Mohanlal, Meena and Asha Sarath. As these people played the leading roles in the film so they have presented the best. You can watch the Venkatesh New Movie Guru Latest Updates directly from the website so look into the correct links and check the related information. In Malayalam the director was Jeethu Joseph and in Telugu Sripriya has done the movie. This was the first time victory Venkatesh is working under the female director and similarly huge response were given by the audience after releasing the movie. It was totally a tragedy story of a family and there will be lot of suspense this helped the movie makers in getting the success.