Privacy And Policy

Privacy And Policy: maintains clearly the Users information with securing the particular data that has been made referred by them. The most important priority is given to our visitors. Without any worry, all the visitors can have a step forward for making the respective usage from our website.

At the point of Administration, the details of the each individual are taken care and their particular information is secured safely without landing over to any other party. We provide the valuable importance for the users who make the respective use from our website.

We strictly maintain the definite interest over the privacy policy our user who visits the website carefully. Our site administrations units handle the situations carefully and manage the ultimate details that are provided by the visitor who makes their entry to our portal for gathering the most necessary information that is required for checking on to facts.          

There are certain terms which are strictly followed by us for giving the most importance for the user information who browse in our portal regularly.

We do not place any kinds of cookies on the computers of visitors to our site for monitoring their system.

Our administration will never move forward for sharing the details with any third party.

We do not maintain any separate databases for storing any personal information about our visitors who frequently tries out our website.

It depends upon the interest of users for subscribing the newsletter which has been provided by us and there is no force of action for opting them. In any time visitors are not asked for giving their personal information on our website. In anyways we don’t reveal any details about the users who are regularly approaching our website. We make a keen part over them for making the strict rules to take the path over it.

We satisfy our visitors by providing the best information regarding the Tollywood filmy news including the gossips, trailers, reviews and much more with the maintaining the best priority towards the users who making their availability. The advertisements which are placed on our website are given by the trusted third party. Google holds the responsibility for playing the ads based on the survey of the individual cookies. 

Users interesting choice will be played as ads and it is not going to be looked out by our administration for checking the respective details. If any user is not interested in them can remove the ads from their particular page by clicking on to the inappropriate link which has been placed along with the advertisements.

Our priority is to safeguard the details about the visitors who generally walks out to our portal for gathering the relevant information about the searches accordingly to gain the at most knowledge about the particular information. Without any doubts, users can subscribe to our portal for gaining the respective news to your emails, the service provided by us. The information which is regularly updated by us is provided through gathering the news from the particular source and takes higher care for giving the required factors.